FDA Approves Polarizing First Drug for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

On Monday morning, the FDA controversially approved the first drug for Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Read more on how the drug works and what impact this will have in healthcare and medicine!


Ending the Medical Odyssey

The rare disease ribbon, courtesy of the advocacy group Global Genes. Sally, over her short 6 years of life, has been hospitalized 15 times. She suffers from a strange constellation of medical problems: developmental delays, low muscle tone, a heart murmur, among others. Worried parents have taken Sally from doctor to doctor, trying to pinpoint…

The Big Data “Problem”

DNA sequencing produces a mass amount of data. As the technology has improved, magnitudes more data gets produced per sequence. Translating this progress into a clinical setting requires storage, sharing, and analyses of immense information sets. But is big data the largest hurdle facing mainstream application of genomics? There is a lot of talk in the…