Precision Medicine: From the White House into our Own House

The future of medicine is here; now the question is, what is the best way to integrate it into our current healthcare system? Precision medicine and genetic testing has been evolving and progressing for over two decades now, and the change that is coming is inevitable; genomic data will soon be available for all of us. But how do we sort this data? What do we make of such large masses of information? It was recently stated that by 2025, genome data could require more storage than every YouTube video on the planet! This is a problem that physicians, counselors, companies and families are beginning to learn to handle and sort to help them make better healthcare decisions.

While healthcare professionals wrestle with the problem of integrating precision medicine, our own President chimed in with a few thoughts of his own. Just last week, Image result for the white house and medicinePresident Barack Obama wrote an article published by the Boston Globe that discussed “Medicine’s Next Step.”

What President Obama and his administration did was monumental and unprecedented–they endorsed precision, personalized medicine to the nation for the first time. Personalized medicine is no longer a distant dream–it is no longer sci-fi technology only our great-great-grandchildren will get to experience–personalized medicine is here for our use that is now encouraged for greater clinical usage by our own President.


Beyond mass genomic data giving us the information to potentially cure diseases such as diabetes and cancer, it also promotes healthy lifestyles centered around being proactive. President Obama states since “precision medicine empowers people to monitor and take a more active role in maintaining their health,” we can live longer, healthier lives.

But now the burden is on us; we need to speak with each other, our families and our doctors. We need to continue this dialogue with those around us. Personalized medicine doesn’t just impact one person; it affects everyone you. It is important to realize that while a genetic test tells you about yourself, it will also prompt your family to learn about themselves as well. At New Amsterdam Genomics, we encourage our patients to speak with their doctors and family to make educated decisions about their health. We give you and your doctor the tools to living a healthier life!

So if you won’t take my word for it, maybe you’ll believe the President of the United States when he said that personalized medicine is “one of the greatest opportunities we’ve ever seen for new medical breakthroughs.” Personalized medicine is on the verge of changing healthcare as we know it, and here at New Amsterdam Genomics, we are guiding each and every one of our patients through this Genomic Revolution.

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