Prodigo To Offer Personalized Medicine Solution In Marketplace Via New Amsterdam Genomics

October 20th, 2014, (New York, NY) – New Amsterdam Genomics and Prodigo Solutions today announced a partnership that will allow Prodigo Solutions to offer NAG’s revolutionary Genomic sequencing and analysis platform through their digital catalogue, ProdigoMarketplace. The arrangement promises to bring personalized, genomic medicine to the diverse client base served by Prodigo Solutions.

Hospitals and health systems will be able to order NAG’s testing kits through ProdigoMarketplace, which comes with the analysis and digital report delivery completely free of charge.

“We’re excited to complimentary offer our solution to Prodigo’s large user base.” said Adam Christopher Troeder, New Amsterdam Genomics VP of Business Development. “For us, this is about giving as many hospitals as possible an opportunity to improve quality of care, clinical outcomes, while lowering costs with our solution by using a more preventative approach to the way healthcare is being delivered.”

New Amsterdam Genomic’s Symphony Solution will ProdigoMarketplace in late October.


New Amsterdam Genomics (NAG) was started in 2010 by Andrew Mills, and is headquartered in Manhattan, New York. From disease prevention, risk assessment, and patient education, to cancer research and treatment, genomics stands to make healthcare a completely personalized experience. NAG wants to empower each patient and their physician with the power of genomic data, and has lead the charge by developing a genomic analysis platform and suite of computational algorithms that determine the impact a person’s genome has on their health and well-being, all delivered through a point-of-care tool designed for clinical use.


Prodigo Solutions is a healthcare supply chain focused company helping Providers gain control of supply chain spend through contract compliance and automation. Powered by a proven, cloud-based technology, Prodigo’s suite of solutions delivers cost savings to leading U.S. health systems, including 4 of the top 15 US News & World Report Honor Roll hospitals.


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