Genomics Only Revolutionary With Broad Access

There are many barriers currently in place preventing patients from getting their DNA sequenced, especially among minorities. Many facilities offer limited testing in the form of gene panels, but they are expensive, and often require patients to pay out of pocket. While out of pocket spending rises with income, the strain of this type of spending is greatest among the poor. New Amsterdam Genomics is committed to making our genomics solution as widely available as possible. We do this by providing our solution at a lower cost, and in a variety of different types of practices.

Photo courtesy of David Castillo Dominici via
Photo courtesy of David Castillo Dominici via

October is Hispanic/Latino heritage month. While the United State’s Hispanic population is genetically diverse, there are still some genetic disorders experts recommend future parents test for, or at the very least, be aware of. This is why access to an accurate, reliable genetic test is so important. According to one study of immigrated Hispanics/Latinos, of the individuals surveyed that did have health insurance, over a third had some form of public plan, either Medicare or Medicaid. Combine that with the fact that nearly half of those surveyed exclusively see Spanish speaking doctors, it becomes clear that options can be limited. New Amsterdam Genomics has built a solution that can integrate with any size practice. Our solution can meet the essential needs of any facility, from a large oncology clinic to a single general practitioner’s office. By providing our solution to a variety of practices, we can increase the demographics genomic testing can benefit.

Unfortunately, lack of health insurance is another barrier that particularly affects Hispanics. A study done by the Hispanic Access Foundation found that 71% of those surveyed had no health insurance whatsoever. New Amsterdam Genomics has made our test affordable, so if a patient must pay out of pocket, the burden is lessened. Our willingness to provide our test for as many people as possible, combined with lowered sequencing costs, has made this a reality. Getting the test fully covered by insurance is still ideal. Luckily, access to affordable healthcare is widening, and more and more people are becoming covered. As insurance companies expand coverage of genetic testing, our test will become a realistic, sensible option for all kinds of patients.

Access to good healthcare is still a major problem in the United States. For many, especially minorities, affordable medical care is simply out of reach. New Amsterdam Genomics is dedicated to making genomic testing a reality not just for those with top-of-the-line healthcare, but everyone. We work with insurance companies in order to get most or all of our test covered, which combined with wider access to insurance in general, should see more widespread genomic testing country-wide. We also have built a solution that can fit with any variety of practice, not limiting the higher quality of care our test provides to one speciality or type of clinic. Finally, we’ve strove to make our solution as affordable as possible, so even those without healthcare can seriously consider benefitting from our test. New Amsterdam Genomics believes that for genomics to be truly revolutionary, it must be truly accessible. New Amsterdam Genomics provide financial support for those patients truly in need.  Please feel free to Inquire about financial aid if you are interested in getting tested.


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