First Insulin Pump Delivery System Approved by FDA

The FDA just approved the first “artificial pancreas”! Read more about the implications and how this will benefit millions of patients suffering from type 1 diabetes.

This Week in Science (7/24-7/30)

The future on Alzheimer’s research; CRISPR updates; wheat sensitivity biology; consequence of prolonged sitting countered with activity

This Week in Review: 7/17 – 7/23

Missing Link Found Between Brain and Immune System; Major Implications for Diseases A new study from scientists at the University of Virginia may overturn the knowledge found in many health textbooks. Researchers have determined that the brain is directly connected to the immune system by vessels previously thought not to exist. The discovery could have…

Telomere Length and How It Relates to Aging and Cancer

  On June 29, 2016, cell biologists at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center “have identified a new method for determining the lengths of telomeres, the endcaps of chromosomes, which can influence cancer progression and aging” (UT Southwestern Medical Center). Telomeres–the “protective tips” of DNA strands which comprise chromosome ends–can be compared to the…